Commercial Office Remodel Cape Coral

Cape Coral
Commercial Office Remodel

The work performed were as follows:

  • Build new offices for new associates
  • Drywall and texture every wall in the building
  • Paint all the walls, doors, and trim
  • Replace the doors with full light glass French doors
  • Upgrade the base molding to 5¼ base boards
  • Build custom bookshelves for their library
  • Resurface the conference table
  • Install new VCT plank floors throughout the building
  • Install 3/8″ tempered glass partitions on cubicals
  • Renovate both bathrooms with new tile, fixtures, and hardware
  • Renovate the kitchen area with new cabinets, counters, and appliances
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In July of this year we were referred by one of our former clients, Spencer Roach (State Representative) to a law firm looking to hire a contractor to renovate their offices. The law firm of Burandt, Adamski, Feichthaler, & Sanchez PLLC. After a review process they decided to hire PROSTRUCT INC. to update the overall look of the law firm that they themselves admitted was long overdue. Apparently, some of their client had made comments on how dated the office looked. Especially in comparison with the excellent services they offer their clients. Another interesting fact is that one of the lawyers in this firm was the former mayor of the city of Cape Coral. Their office building sits right on Cape Coral Parkway adjacent to Fords Garage in downtown Cape Coral. We completely overhauled the building inside to give it a more contemporary style. This was not an easy task being as that we did all of this while they were still conducting business. Our strategy was to shut down fifty percent of the office and erect containment barriers to partition the building while under construction. We essentially had three phases of this project:

  1. Phase I was to renovate the East side of the building
  2. Phase II was to transition the work and office furniture while we worked on the reception area on the weekend.
  3. Phase III was to then change gears and complete the West side of the building to wrap it all up

As you can imaging this was very challenging to work while they worked and to keep everyone happy and compliant. Of course, time was a major concern for the partners, and we did everything we could to work efficiently and effectively. Unfortunately, the biggest challenge we faced in this project didn’t come from within. Instead, we had the most problems from the building department on this project than any other before it. The city of Cape Coral has a reputation as being difficult, but this was something extraordinary. We had issues with plan review, zoning, inspections, ADA compliance, flood zones, and just about everything else. All and all…, the building department just seemed to drop the ball. However, we made it through the woods and came out with another client completely satisfied with our work and sending us referrals.

On this project the running joke was “Change Order Tuesday”. As we would complete a section of the office the partners saw the contrast between the newly renovated areas and the old ones. After which they couldn’t not renovate them. So it seemed as if we were constantly changing the scope of work as we went. Forever moving the finish line as it were. Upon review of the project, the analysis actually showed that the original scope of work only comprised about forty percent of the work actually performed.