Kitchen Remodel Brynwood Estates

Kitchen Remodel
in Brynwood Estates

Some of the work performed were as follows:

  • Cut down kitchen wall to counter height
  • Relocate appliance locations
  • Relocate plumbing fixtures
  • Drywall, texture, and paint
  • Tile floors
  • New kitchen cabinets with island design
  • Level 2 granite countertops
  • Large custom booth
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In June of this year a couple of local entrepreneurs Theresa and Jason Fry reached out to us to help them with their upcoming kitchen project. They recently purchased a home that they knew was sorely in need of updating. Conveniently located in the central Ft. Myers area their home in Brynwood Estates had an enclosed kitchen which was typical for the age of the home. However, the new design featured an open space concept that meant opening up walls and relocated several fixtures. Luckily the couple had another property to stay at while under construction. One of the biggest challenges to this project was the condition of the ceilings. In some place the ceilings were over an inch difference within 8 feet. This made installing our cabinets and trim challenging. However, we employed a two-part crown molding and heavy joint compound techniques to compensate the differences. Within a few weeks we completely overhauled their kitchen and entirely changed the look of the home.

I almost forgot…, more challenging than the ceilings was the custom booth. Theresa owns a restaurant and always wanted to have a booth style dining table in her home. She had kept some old corner booths from one of her restaurants and wanted us to use them in the new kitchen. Let me tell you…. These were some of the worst booths I had ever seen. Particle board construction wrapped in old leather with a million staples per square inch. Through delicate and surgical like craftsmanship we were able to salvage these booths. One was a different height than the other, and the other was a different depth than the first. On top of that, one was rounded in the corner and the other was square. I MEAN THEY TOTALLY DIDN’T MATCH. We modified the booths to match in size, style, and shape. We then added onto them to increase the seating area and wrapped them in new materials to match the kitchen cabinets. As of toda… you would never know what lies beneath the surface.