Bathroom Remodel Pelican Preserve

Bathroom Remodel
in Pelican Preserve

Some of the work performed were as follows:

  • Demolition of old shower and poured concrete curb
  • Relocate plumbing fixtures
  • Install new body jets for massage therapy
  • Install new waterproof shower system to prevent future leaks
  • Tile shower and accent wall
  • Install new VCT plank flooring over old tile floor
  • Install new 3CM granite countertop on vanity
  • All new hardware and accessories
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In May of this year I met with a local interior designer whom was in need of a bathroom remodel. Linda Ritzert works as a freelance interior designer in the Ft. Myers, Bonita, and Naples area. After many years of decorating homes and working extensively with contractors to make everyone’s dream come true. She decided to hire PROSTRUCT to remodel her bathroom. Linda owns a home in Pelican Preserve located in eastern Ft. Myers and has nothing but the best taste. We deemed her style the “Hollywood Glam Style” and I think it shows in the completed project. Like many of the homes in her neighborhood the floorplan is the same and mostly utilizes builders grade materials. When I met with her for her initial consultation, her first thought was that she needed a walk-in tub as per her doctors’ suggestion. As we explored that option, she quickly realized that she would not like a walk in tub due to the “cheap plastic look”. Therefore, we showed her some body jet options for her shower and a enlarged bench to sit on and she decided that she would rather have that so that she could customize everything to her style.

A challenge with this project, as with many, was to select finish materials that gave her bathroom a designer look on a budget. A great memory of this project was when were having our selections meeting in the store and picking out tile we spent hours and couldn’t find the tile that was just right. We stumbled across a pallet of clearance tile in the back of the store. As soon as we saw it we both knew that this was her tile and it had Linda written all over it. I left Linda sitting on the pallet to thwart potential shoppers while I ran frantically all over the store to pick out corresponding tile that would complete the look. Sure enough another lady came along that wanted the tile. She even went so far as to try and talk her out of it. Linda’s persistence and keen eye for style prevented that from happening. And when it was all done she got exactly the bathroom she wanted without breaking the bank.